Tribocorrosion (en)

Tribocorrosion is defined as the science of surface transformations resulting from the interaction of mechanical loading and chemical/electrochemical reactions that occur between various elements of a tribosystem exposed to a corrosive environment.

The main objective of the Tribocorrosion Commission (TC) of CEFRACOR association is to take stock of ongoing work and progress in dealing with this so  particular phenomena as well as any related topics: surface treatments, functionalization, surface contact, characterization, instrumentation... More specifically, from  both the socio-economical and academic areas, the works of TC cover a broad range of topics such as corrosion, tribocorrosion of coatings and thin films, sliding-corrosion, fretting-corrosion, microabrasion-corrosion, tribocorrosion modeling, biotribocorrosion, surface engineering and materials, nanocorrosion, and surface modifications (nanotube and texturing) to improve tribocorrosion performances of any surface/assembly.

The actions of the Tribocorrosion Commission also concern the training to help targeted industrial sectors dealing with tribocorrosion cases. TC promotes a networking of experts who can resolve every issue identified as tribocorrosion

TC organizes an annual meeting. Other meetings may be scheduled throughout the year as required from members. It allows, through scientific presentations, to exchange knowledge on inter-laboratory practices.  Scientific information is shared (congresses, events, etc). The program is arranged according to the Commission members’ requirements, specific scientific issues and think tanks about any issue related to triocorrosion. Every meeting report is available on the CEFRACOR website (members only).

Ongoing projects in 2016-2020

  • “Tribocorrosion training/workshop”: This project will allow to suggest theoretical based knowledge and to show the way to solve some practical cases related to tribocorrosion. A part of this training will address issues encountered through participants, in cooperation with CEFRACOR’s training pole (Experience from Eurocorr stage). 
  • The creation of typical and extended network: through attending some conferences/events: Thermec, JIFT, Eurocorr, ICMCTF, etc.
  • The organization of joint events between CEFRACOR commissions, like the healthcare materials: A working group is working to suggest a summer school on the topic of tribocorrosion.

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