The objectives

 The objectives of CEFRACOR are:

  • To bring together all persons and organisations concerned with the sustainability of materials in their environment.
  • To promote the transfer of scientific and technical knowledge in the areas of corrosion and anticorrosion, including the enhancement of training courses.
  • To organize meetings, conferences, seminars, training sessions and thus contribute to the dissemination of science and technology in these areas.
  • To solve technical problems posed by corrosion, relying on its network of experts and its documentary resources.
  • To contribute to normative actions at the national, European and international levels in the areas of corrosion and protection against corrosion.
  • To develop and implement procedures for the certification of competence of persons involved in the areas of corrosion such as cathodic protection.
  • To liaise with French and foreign organisations concerned with corrosion and anticorrosion.

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