Testing methods and corrosion monitoring

The Testing methods and Corrosion monitoring Commission was created over ten years ago. It supports the industrialists in their choice, optimization, and critical analysis of their practices with respect to the performance evaluation of their materials and systems regarding corrosion.

Instead of functioning in periodic reunions, the Commission mobilizes on a case-by-case basis to answer industrialist’s given issues.

Simultaneously, it is mobilized for a transversal action aimed at supporting a specific CEFRACOR commission in an in-depth reflection on a specific measurement question.

The Commission spans the entire activities related to corrosion measurements: methods, techniques, accelerated testing, normative aspects.

The tasks of the Commission have resulted in:

  • The publication of the collective work drafted as part of a joint thematic course CNRS/CEFRACOR.
  • Conducting a reflection on the opportunity to use acoustic emissions to monitor corrosion. 
  • Supporting an industrialist in the elaboration of an accelerated testing corrosion norm.

For more information please contact: 

The Commission's President: Bernard Normand

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