The Paint Commission was reactivated in 2017 with the arrival of its new president, following the departure of its former team, and in particular its president, Emmanuel Aragon. Ever since, the main activity has consisted on supporting the scientific aspects of the Rencontres de la Peinture Anticorrosion (RPA, Anticorrosion Paint meetings), jointly organized by the Anticorrosion Paint Sectors and the CEFRACOR. 

The Commission’s roadmap has been established. The main objectives and missions defined by the Paint Commission has been established:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills of the profession linked with the Anticorrosion Paint Sector,
  • Share information and skills,
  • Accompany and follow technological evolutions,
  • Ensure a framework and technological watch,
  • Initiate pre-standardization work, 

The activity sectors covered by the Commission are mainly the protective coatings in marine and offshore environments, on metallic structures, with a wish to extend to concrete as well. 

The targeted domains are :

  • Surface preparation,
  • Paint and coating technologies, including powder coating,
  • Application technologies, including robotization,
  • Instruments and captors,
  • Regulations and standardizations
  • Inspection and expertise

Working groups were established to cover these different aspects.

The Paint Commission has also a Workshop NACE/EFC destined to establish the standards of performance for the coating of vessels (underwater hull, topsides and superstrucures, exterior non-slip coating and coating implementation management) linked with Working Party 14 (Coatings) of the EFC.

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