Inhibitors and waters treatment

Inside the CEFRACOR, the Commission “Inhibitors and water treatment” gathers academic and industrial experts in corrosion inhibitors, especially in water phase. Its interests are mainly related to the use of water as a thermal fluid, in cooling circuits, closed heating or chilled water circuits, and steam boilers. The Commission meets on a quarterly basis and its tasks have resulted in the edition of a publication about water treatment in cooling circuits, currently under review.

The Commission is composed of industrialists, scholars, materials manufacturers, inhibitors or heat transfer fluids manufacturers, and industrialists of water treatments.   




  • The Commission gathers on a quarterly basis; the meetings take place at the Maison de la Chimie.
  • The Commission, through 2 members, is in regular contact with the Syprodeau, SYndicat national des fabricants de PROduits chimiques de traitement et d’assainissement de l’EAU (French National Union of water treatment products manufacturers).


Working group Heat Exchangers


  • A working group on corrosion in heat exchangers has been formed, in conjunction with the commission “Corrosion in the oil, gas and chemical industries”, and is led by Valérie Beucler, member of both commissions.
  • This working group is composed of roughly thirty participants.
  • The frequency of its meetings is the same as the Inhibitors Commission’s meetings, on a quarterly basis.


Training days


The Commission organizes technical sessions on boiler water treatment (2018) and on cooling water treatment (to be planned).


On-going projects




Members of the Commission joined the AFNOR Commission A05A “Corrosion of metals and alloys” (mirror Commission of the ISO TC 156).




Members of the Commission participate as speakers or chairmen in different exhibitions like:

  • Journées scintifiques et techniques du CEFRACOR
  • Meeeting of the Association Scientifique Européenne pour l’Eau et la Santé, (European Scientific Association for Water and Health)
  • Eurocorr
  • Themacorr
  • Journées Information Eaux de Poitiers


For more information please contact:


The president: : Philippe BLERIOT

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