Coatings for harsh environments (REVES)

Materials are considered by the European Union as one of three mega-technologies which have and will have the most influence on the industrial development, the society and the well-being of European citizens. 

This requires not only significant investment in human and material R&D, but also the training of skilled labor, as well as a sustained effort of industrial valorization.

Within this sector, the elaboration and the development of layers, functional by definition, constitute one of the main industrial and societal issues of the next decades. Indeed, a coating or layer is a functionalization of a surface which allows to increase the lifespan and/or performance of the object on which it is applied. Its objective is to limit its economic impact (decrease in maintenance costs) as well as its environmental impact (resource preservation). 

There exist a wide variety of coatings as well as their applications. This commission is coordinated under the aegis of 3 scholar societies (CEFRACOR, GFC and SF2M). Its main topics are Coatings for harsh environments.

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•          The Commission's President: Ghislaine BERTRAND 


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