Cathodic protection and associated coatings

This Commission constitutes an ideal place for discussions for specialists on the field of cathodic protection and corresponding coatings, where customers and providers meet regularly.

This Commission meets three times per year: two meetings in Paris, one in mid-June, the other in December, and a delocalized meeting in the French South-West branch, organized by its local members, in a city of this area. The plenary meetings organized in Paris have about 20-25 participants; and the one organized in Southwest France has about 100 participants, and suppliers are also invited to present their products and services.

These meetings are an ideal place for privileged discussions on all matters linked with cathodic protection and coatings; land environment, marine environment, or in concrete, even internal cavities (such as tanks). The subjects discussed are very diverse:

  • Congresses, forums, meetings, linked to cathodic protection (Eurocorr, RPA, Matériaux, Ceocor, …),
  • Progresse made by each Commission’s working groups, each one dedicated to a specific subject deemed necessary (measuring techniques, material or equipment…),
  • Certification of personnel in cathodic protection and coatings,
  • French, European or International standardization in cathodic protection and coatings,
  • A supplier regularly presents its products and/or services.

The minutes of these meetings are available online, in the Members-only section space of this Commission website.

The next plenary meeting will take place in June 8th, 2020 at 2pm in the Palais des congrès d'Antibes - Juan-les-Pins, in parallel with the 7th Cathodic Protection and Associated Coatings Days.

Besides these meetings, the Commission’s objectives are to draft “PCRA Recommendations” depending on specific needs, in the extension of French, European or International standards, and professional guidelines. These technical recommendations are the product of the work done by the different working groups, based on the needs of its members. Currently: 

  • “Use of coupons in the assessment of cathodic protection efficiency” (leader F. Batisse): sharing of experiences,
  • « Isolating joints » (leader F. Castillon) : PCRA recommendation expected,
  • « Pipeline coatings » (leader T. Kerzerho): project of certification of personnel expected, linked with CFPC. Creation of the CFR,
  • « Cathodic Protection Environmental impact » (leader AM Grolleau): project of PCRA recommendations expected.

The minutes from these working groups are available online on the members-only area of the Commission website.

Traditionally, the PCRA Commission regularly organizes a Conference; les Journées Protection Cathodique (Cathodic Protection Days).

  • The 6th Journées Protection Cathodique d'Aix took place from 24 of 26 June 2014 at Antibes – Juan-les-Pins. It gathered 150 participants, and 31 exposers. The minutes of this Conference are online, below (Members-Only).
  • The 7th Cathodic Protection and Associated Coatings Days will take place June 9-11 June, 2020.

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Download the letter from the BSERR concerning the application of the French law of May 17th  2001, on the implementation of drainages for the protection of transportation pipelines

A large number of documents on cathodic protection are at your disposal. Click-on the image below.

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