Biodeterioration of materials

This Commission’s objective is to inform its members about the evolution of research in the field of deterioration of materials (metallic, concrete, stone) influenced by micro-organisms. Micro-organisms generate biofilms which are likely to deteriorate all materials and to create sanitary problems. Research is focused on the study of the deterioration process as well as the means to fight against it, specifically bioproducts operations.

During these plenary meetings, the Commission invites students finishing their thesis to do a presentation of their work in this domain.

Every 18 months, the Commission organizes a Young Researcher Forum. All researchers, industrialists and scholars are invited to talk about their current projects and young researchers can present their work in a poster. 

The communication presented (plenary conferences and young researcher’s short presentations) can be the object of published articles in a special number of the journal “Matériaux & Techniques”. The Commission organizes or participates to “écoles CNRS” and the participants’ speeches can be the subject of books.

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The Commission's President: Marc Jeannin

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