HTCPM 2024

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#High temperature corrosion and protection
from 09 June 2024 to 14 June 2024
The 11th edition of the High Temperature Corrosion and Materials Protection (HTCPM) conference will be held from June 9 to 14, 2024 at Ile des Embiez (France).

The objective of this HTCPM conference is to highlight current research and scientific knowledge related to high temperature corrosion and material protection.

Since 1989, the HTCPM conference has been organized every four years on the Ile des Embiez, in France.

The first edition of this conference was held in 1986 in Marseille, France.

HTCPM 2024 is jointly organized by the University of Technology of Compiègne (France), The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (United States), The National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (France), The University of Lorraine, (France), the University of La Rochelle (France) and Grenoble Alpes University (France). The members of the CEFRACOR thematic commission “High temperature corrosion and protection” actively bring their scientific and technical contribution to this event.

The “Les Embiez” conference, organized every four years, is one of the most important meetings of the community.

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