Auteur : Christian VARGEL
Édition : mars 2020
Description :

This revised and expanded new edition provides a global approach to the corrosion of aluminium, comprising the selection of alloys, design principles and service conditions.
Corrosion of Aluminium: Second Edition highlights the practical and general aspects of the corrosion of aluminium alloys with many illustrations and references. It allows the reader who is not very familiar with aluminium to understand the metallurgical, chemical and physical aspects of aluminium alloys.
This second edition is fully updated and revised and expands on the first edition by adding hundreds of pages on new applications, new alloys, new technologies such as friction stir welding, twin roll casting, and new bibliographic references.
The book takes a practitioner approach, based on the expertise gained from the author’s 50-year career in aluminium corrosion. This approach is most suitable for assessing the corrosion resistance of aluminium – an assessment which is one of the main conditions for the development of many uses of aluminium, including transport, construction, power transmission and packaging.
Key Features A comprehensive guide to over 100 years of related study with 2,000 bibliographic references Provides practical applications to the reader across many industries Lists the testing standards Valuable reference for both the beginner and the expert.


Christian Vargel has over 50 years’ experience in the corrosion and metallurgy of aluminium. He was chief engineer at Pechiney which was the European leader of wrought, extruded and cast aluminium products – where he primarily focused on corrosion of aluminium alloys, from a practical perspective. He surveyed and appraised numerous cases of in-service aluminium corrosion: building, transport, territory equipment, electrical and applications, and renewable energies such as solar, desalination and OTEC.

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