from 13 October 2019 to 17 October 2019
Sheration Grand Incheon Hotel - Incheon (Korea)

ICEC 2019 is the fifth event since it was launched by founder CSSK in Seoul in 2007, and the conference would be a typical one of engineering concerns, where empirical solutions, practical/fundamental findings, other relevant issues on corrosion and protection of materials will be presented. In this conference, some emerging issues and technologies related to the recent Industry 4.0 economy will be amphasized.

Abstract Submission deadline : April 15,2019 : http://icec2019.org/call_for_papers.html

Stress corrosion, corrosion fatigue & hydrogen embrittlement ; Techniques for detection/monitoring/remedy ; Nucleal and fossil power ; Ship building and marine ; Automotive and aeospace ; Electrical and electronics ; Oil and gas ; Steel in concrete & social infrastructures ; Electrochemical energy conversion and storage ; Corrosion 4.0 - emerging issues in Industries 4.0 ; Cathodic protection and protective coatings ; Corrosion management and reliability ; Cost of corrosion ; New materiels ; Others.

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