Intensive Course on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition:

#Inhibiteurs et traitements des eaux
du 18 février 2020 au 20 février 2020
IFINKOR, Kalkofen 4, 58638 Iserlohn, Germany
Description :

­­­WCO, together with EFC Working Party 1 "Corrosion and Scale Inhibition" announce the joint course titeld: Intensive Course on Corrosion and Scale Inhibition: Theory, Testing, Application" (EFC Event No. 456).

The addition of functional chemicals (inhibitors) to aggressive media is a smart solution for preventing corrosion failures and/or formation of unwanted scales in industrial assets. Thus, in oil and gas production and transport, energy production and distribution, production of metallic materials (specifically steel) and in many other technical branches the use of appropriate inhibitors today is indispensable for the integrity, safety, sustainability, and economy of plants and installations. Inhibitors are effective even in small concentrations in a wide range of environmental conditions such as temperature or aqueous and non-aqueous media. The selection of appropriate chemicals or mixtures of substances is no “black magic”, but has a sound scientific basis.
The course summarizes the present day knowledge in theory, testing and application of corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors. The emphasis is on application and environmental aspects. It is the aim to provide enough information to enable course participants to tackle inhibitor problems efficiently.


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Contact: Prof. Willi Meier ; - Phone number: +49 69 7564-126



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