EMCR 2022

du 25 septembre 2022 au 30 septembre 2022
CAES-La Vieille Perrotine - St Pierre d'Oléron
Description :

EMCR 2022

13th International Symposium on Electrochemical Methods in Corrosion Research


The first EMCR conference was held in Manchester in 1982,and it has subsequently run in Toulouse (1985), Zurich (1988), Helsinki (1991), Lisbon (1994), Trento (1997), Budapest (2000), Ysermonde (2003), Dourdan (2006), Maragoggi (2012),Troia (2015) and Cambridge (2018). The 13th conference will be held in Oleron Island, France from Septembre 25th to septembre 30th at the CAES-CNRS La vieille Perrotine center.
This conference has evolved into one of the leading events in corrosion electrochemistry, providing an intimate, focused meeting. The social events and combination of accommodation and technical papers at a single site provides ample opportunity for informal interaction.


All aspects of corrosion research with an electrochemical component will be considered; topics of particular interest include:
- Scanning and microprobe techniques, including scanning probe, SECM, LEIS and techniques based on AFM technology.
- Electrochemical studies of environmentally-assisted
- Detection of hydrogen and studies of hydrogen interaction with metals.
- Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy and
electrochemical noise.
- Modelling from the atom to the application.
- Combination of electrochemical studies with complementary techniques (e.g. optical, ultrasonic, radiographic, tomographic, etc..

- Cathodic protection and inhibition.


Abstract submission : January 3rd 2022
Abstract deadline : April 15th 2022
Registration : April 4th 2022


J. CREUS : jcreus@univ-lr.fr
M. JEANNIN : mjeannin@univ-lr.fr



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