Corrosion in the oil, gas and chemical industries

This Commission wants to be a place to exchange scientific and technical information between the actors in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Through this forum, its primary role is to facilitate the implementation of collaborative actions on subjects of common interest:

  • Drafting of Technical Guides on diverse subjects.
  • Organizing Technical Days
  • Discussion forum on certain types of corrosion, specific to industries concerned
  • Bringing together the industry sector, suppliers, academics.

This Commission is also the mirror of WP 13 (Oil & Gas) and WP 15 (Corrosion in Refinery) of the European Federation of Corrosion (EFC)

It is structured around different working groups, working alone or in collaboration with other commissions, created based on needs and availabilities of its participants. As of today, the main active groups are:

  • A group about internal corrosion, who wrote a first Scientific and Technical Guide of the CEFRACOR about the Monitoring of internal corrosion on oil and gas industries (in French) and is currently working on a second guide on Corrosion Prediction.
  • A joint group with the Commission “Inhibitors and water treatments”, working on corrosion on heat exchangers, and is currently working on a Technical Guide.


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